My name is Garrett Radford, and I am the man behind the stand.  I have had the honor of working alongside my talented brother Nick Radford for a few years now and he has been kind enough to teach me how to uniquely document a wedding through the power of photo.  I sincerely enjoy being able to take part in the most sensational day of a man and a woman’s life, their wedding.  Thus, I have constructed The Banana Stand. I hope that through it, I will be able to meet incredible people and help them and their dear friends remember their big day by providing a place where people can throw on costumes, hit each other with squeaky hammers, and be as outrageous as they please, as I photograph them in the stand.  While I’m not doing that, I busy myself by attending college full time in hopes to become an author, as well as other things such as snowboarding, hiking, and high fiving to pass the time.