So what's this all about? 

         The Banana Stand is a place where people can go to let loose and remember big events in a really unique and fun way.  There is something about a photo booth that absolutely draws people.  It is a place where people can come to make silly faces and dress up with props as a way of remembering the significance and enjoyment of the day.  I provide a wireless shutter release so people can actually choose when the photos are taken by clicking a small remote they can hold.  The Banana Stand is here to give everybody an opportunity to look back and see what great times they had with the people they love.  

Do you do other events besides weddings?

        Yes!  Weddings, corporate events, launch parties, and just about anywhere you want there to be a photo booth.  I will party with you until the break of dawn.  

How long will you stay at the venue?

         As long as you want.  Standard coverage lasts for 3 hours which is typically more than enough.  For an event longer than this, I charge $100 for each additional hour.  

Do you offer prints?

         Yes! and also no.  Once the images are uploaded to a gallery online, you and your guests will have free reign to print the photos that you like best.  On-site printing is not available, however, because the slow speed of photo printers takes away from the freedom of guests being able to pop off as many photos as they want in a matter of minutes.  Instead of having to pose perfectly for a few photos, take as many as you want and choose the best photos to print later.  Complete access to all of the photos will be available within 48 hours after the event.  

How do I print my photos?

         After the event, you and your guests can go to "the photos" page of this website where you will be taken to a selection of galleries.  Once you find your gallery, you can browse through the photos and print the ones you want by clicking "buy" above the photo.  This option allows you the freedom to choose the specifics of how big you want your prints among other customization settings.

Do you offer props?

         Yup!  Props will be completely provided by me.  Don't be surprised if you find unicorn masks and banana costumes and also classic mustaches, hats, and so forth.  

Does Garrett show up in a banana costume?

         Only upon request.